Arts Night 7pm – BMLSS

  • Arts Night 7pm – BMLSS “Main Street” and the Theatre (C. Imrie)
    • Drama/music performances, student art/photos, refreshments by Mr. U’s classes.
    • Arts students would be proud for students, community, and staff to attend if possible.
    • Proceeds/Donations to support our school’s Relay for Life efforts.

Summerfest June 1!

On Thursday, June 1 BMLSS is hosting its annual Summerfest! Students will play outdoor sports, run through sprinklers, and play carnival games. Our class periods will be shortened and festivities will begin at 1:50 pm until the end of the school day at 3:10 pm. If you do not want your son/daughter participating in these events please call the school at 705-645-4496.