BMLSS Students Check out your timetable

Check out your timetable. If you only see 1 semester make sure you have the full year selected in the top right corner.  You are welcome to email your guidance counsellour if a change needs to be made. See you soon.

Username: is your 6 digit student number.

Password: is your birthday. mdyyyy There are no zeros in the front of the day or month. If you were born in May it is 5 and not 05. If you were born on the 3rd it is 3 not 03.


Jan. 3, 2001 is 132001

Oct. 30, 2001 is 10302001

Nov. 3, 2001 is 1132001

Nov. 20, 2001 is 11202001

June 17, 2001 is 6172001

Nov. 24, 2001 is 11242001

Nov. 3, 2001 is 1132001

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