Student Timetables – Grades 10 – 12

Hello, Lakers

We are so excited to see you tomorrow!

Please have a look at your timetable to see that you have the courses you need. 

Remember, the school year has been divided into 8 Blocks (Octmesters). We are starting school with Block 1. Each Block is 22 days long.

Contact us (Ms. Smith surnames A-K and Mr. McGrath surnames L-Z) if you have any questions or concerns.

[email protected]

[email protected]

Here are the instructions to log in to PowerSchool:

Your login is your 6 digit student number.

Your password is your birthdate in this format: M/D/YYYY (E.g. Jan. 6,1999 would be 161999). 

If your account is locked, please email [email protected]

Follow this link:

Tip#1: On a Mobile device click on the small arrows on the left once you are logged in.

Tip #2: When Powerschool opens click on My Schedule on the left and then select Matrix View.

Below, you will see a sample student timetable. The matrix looks different from how it has looked in the past.