BMLSS Gr 12 Parents – What’s after Graduation?

Believe it or not, graduation will be upon us before we know it. Here are some things that are happening, and some important bits of information, to help our graduates prepare for life after BMLSS:

  1. 1-on-1 meetings are taking place with all graduating students to discuss pathway choices and how to start navigating this complex world. These meetings will continue throughout the remainder of the school year.
  2. Weekly emails are being sent to all Grade 12 students. These weekly bulletins have important information about virtual tours, recruitment sessions, and how to apply to post-secondary institutions.
  3. Ontario Colleges (OCAS) are now accepting applications. Go to to start your application.
  4. PIN numbers have been handed out to students considering applying to University (OUAC). Go to to start your application.
  5. There will be an Apprenticeship night hosted by TLDSB on Nov. 24th. See information below.
  6. We have created a NEW section for our Grade 12s on our school website. It can be found under the Guidance tab. It’s labelled “Grade 12 — Next steps”. Information about moving to the Workplace, Life Skills Program, Apprenticeships and more.  
  7. Scholarships, Bursaries and Awards folder has been created for students to access from their shared Student Resources Google Drive. Students should read through each application’s information to see which they may be eligible for.
  8. Students part of Life Skills Program will be connected to Adult Community Supports and Services — details to come in the Life Skills Program section of the BMLSS website.
  9. If you have any questions please email [email protected] (for students whose last names begin with A-K) or [email protected] (for students whose last names begin with L-Z), and [email protected] (for Specialized Services).