Grade 12 Spring Update!

Hey Everyone!
It’s been a while since we’ve sent out info, but we’ve got some good stuff to share with you today!

First, happy spring! You’ve made it; we’ve all made it… almost. Some of you are going to be graduates — the end of this block, the end of the next block — CONGRATULATIONS! We’re working on plans for graduation and will keep you posted on these as they firm up.
We hope you’ve noticed the Grade-12-specific posts we’ve been creating on the school’s site, Guidance area. Follow this link: posts are specific to Grade 12 news items. Visit frequently! 

There are two important dates upcoming, for those of you who have made applications to college/university. You are required to accept an offer by June 1st, 2021 for university programs, and by May 1st, 2021 for college programs. You are required to accept these offers in OUAC or OCAS. If you have questions, come see us.

Community Service Hours for this year’s graduates have been reduced to 20 hours. For details on additional opportunities — see the BML website. If you need the document for the paid work reflection, you can find it here:

It’s Scholarship/Bursary/Award “season”! We will be posting some information on the school site (Under Guidance/Grade 12 Next Steps) about this. You should be getting busy investigating the monies that are out there and available. Follow this link to the Student Shared Drive where this info is housed:

On that note, OSAP applications are open as well. Check out the OSAP website: have a great FAQ section that will help you get started if OSAP is a route you’d like to take. You can start this application anytime. If you need support with the process, please come and see us in Guidance.

Watch, mid-next week, for a link to a Google survey we will be asking you to complete for graduation. 

Lastly, we miss seeing your faces. As always, you can make an appointment to see us here:
Or, just drop in. Ask questions about things you need to know, things you are wondering about… We love questions! No questions are bad questions!

See you soon.
McGrath and Smith