Trouble Viewing your 2020-2021 Timetable?

When you are prompted to open the PDF in the email you received, you will be asked for a password.  This password is your birthdate.

Use the following format: d/m/year

Like when logging into Powerschool, you should not use zeros in the day or month.  For example, if your birthday is June 1, 2000, you will use 612000 as your password.  NOT, 06012000

If there is a problem with your timetable, please email your guidance counsellor.  Ms. Smith (last names A-K) and Ms. Gower (last names L-Z) are working as quickly as possible to reply to you.  Please be patient and know that you have not been forgotten.


Locker Clean Out Schedule

Dear Lakers, 

We know many parents and students have been anxious to retrieve their belongings from the school.  After working with the Ministry of Health guidelines we are able to provide access to schools beginning Monday, June 15, 2020.  We have provided a schedule so that we can adhere to social distancing measures during this process.   We are asking that students come in the time slot provided which is based on their current homeroom (Block A class). There will be a table to drop off things such as library and text books.  You do not need to hand in technology that you may have.  We are asking that you grab your belongings relatively quickly, there will be staff present to guide you if necessary.  If the time provided will not work for you, please reach out to VP Clare McLean-Wilson [email protected]  P (705) 928-6823  for an alternate time. 

IMPORTANT: Please read the protocol for families prior to coming to the school.

Monday, June 15

Time Course Teacher
9:00-10:00 SNC2PR Mr. Bagshaw
10:00-11:00 PPL1OM Mr. Crowe
11:00-12:00 MPM1DR Ms. Daines
12:00-1:00 Student success & GPP Ms. Creasor/ Mr. Crowe
1:00-2:00 SNC2D Ms. Davidson
2:00-3:00 MCR3U Mr. Deweerdt

Tuesday, June 16

Time Course Teacher
9:00-10:00 PALS (124)  & AMG4M Ms. Difebo/ Ms. Edwards
10:00-11:00 TCJ4E Mr. Doyle
11:00-12:00 MFM1P Ms. Einarson
12:00-1:00 GLC20 Ms. Fairbrass
1:00-2:00 TGJ3M/4M Mr. Flynn
2:00-3:00 ENG1D Ms. Fielding

Wednesday, June 17

Time Course Teacher
9:00-10:00 MCV4U Mr. Galbraith
10:00-11:00 CHV2O Ms. Gardiner
11:00-12:00 NDA3M/4M Ms. Goltz
12:00-1:00 FSF1D/1P   Ms. Hunter
1:00-2:00 AVI3M/4M Ms. Jeske
2:00-3:00 MEL3E/4E & GPP Ms. Johnston-Kierstein & Ms. Gower

Thursday, June 18

Time Course Teacher
9:00-10:00 BTT10R Ms. Lloyd
10:00-11:00 ENG2P Ms. McKenzie
11:00-12:00 Coop Ms. Moore
12:00-1:00 TTJ20 Mr. Palamar
1:00-2:00 HSP3U Mr. Liadis
2:00-3:00 FSF3U/4U & GPP  Ms. Mulligan & Ms. Lloyd

Friday, June 19

Time Course Teacher
9:00-10:00 SCH3U Mr. Pierce
10:00-11:00 PALS 128  Mr. Sellen/ Mr. Roche
11:00-12:00 CGC1P & GPP Ms. Smith & Ms. Walker
12:00-1:00 PAF20/30/40 F Ms. Waker
1:00-2:00 TFJ2O Mr. Wheatley
2:00-3:00 TPJ2OR Ms. Yates

Monday, June 22

Time Course Last names
9:00-10:00 Period A Spare Starting with A-K
10:00-11:00 Period A Spare Starting with L-Z