Welcome BMLSS Grade 9s

Hey grade 9 students- you only have 1 more sleep!

We are looking forward to welcoming you tomorrow.  Our LLC (student parliament), teachers, and guidance counsellors will be outside of the school to meet you.  Your first block teachers will be set up in various locations to show you which door you will be entering with your class.  Please arrive tomorrow for 8:45.

Guidance will have extra timetables printed in case you were not successful logging into Powerschool.  Smith A-K and McGrath L-Z.

LLC will be running various events tomorrow to welcome you to your school.

Go Lakers!


BMLSS Return to School Commitment

TLDSB Return to School Commitment –
The return to school for students will look very different this year. Each day, parents/guardians are to do an assessment of their child’s health before they go to school. Students who are showing any symptoms are to stay at home. All staff and any essential visitors must also complete a self-assessment each day before entering the school building. The Daily Health Assessment Chart may be found at https://www.tldsb.ca/returntoschool/

All TLDSB students are to wear a face-covering/cloth mask while at school and on the bus. Students must bring their own cloth face-coverings/mask(s) from home.

This form is an agreement where you as the parent/guardian of your child commit to completing a daily health assessment of your child and sending your child to school with a cloth face-covering/mask(s) each school day.

This form must be complete before your student enters BMLSS at the start of the school year.



Student Timetables – Grades 10 – 12

Hello, Lakers

We are so excited to see you tomorrow!

Please have a look at your timetable to see that you have the courses you need. 

Remember, the school year has been divided into 8 Blocks (Octmesters). We are starting school with Block 1. Each Block is 22 days long.

Contact us (Ms. Smith surnames A-K and Mr. McGrath surnames L-Z) if you have any questions or concerns.

[email protected]

[email protected]

Here are the instructions to log in to PowerSchool:

Your login is your 6 digit student number.

Your password is your birthdate in this format: M/D/YYYY (E.g. Jan. 6,1999 would be 161999). 

If your account is locked, please email [email protected]

Follow this link: https://pschool.tldsb.on.ca/public/home.html

Tip#1: On a Mobile device click on the small arrows on the left once you are logged in.

Tip #2: When Powerschool opens click on My Schedule on the left and then select Matrix View.

Below, you will see a sample student timetable. The matrix looks different from how it has looked in the past.