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Did you graduate with work level place English?  These are additional Pathway choice for you. Most Ontario Colleges offer transitional pathway choices.

School Essential Transitional Pathway Options
Algonquin They Welcome anyone to write Entrance tests. from that point they will recommend next steps
Pre- trades Cambrian (very Cool) and Arts based
College Boreal
No. University or college preparation courses are necessary to have the knowledge and skills needed to satisfy admission requirements.
Pre-Apprenticeship Programs
These programs provide training in a specific trade to help prepare for apprenticeship. They are generally fewer than 52 weeks in length. Pre-Apprenticeship Programs offer academic upgrading for candidates that do not possess their Grade 12 or equivalent, which is the academic entry level in most trades. In addition, it offers introductory theoretical and practical training, Level 1 in-school apprenticeship training in a specific trade as well as a work placement component to gain hands-on experience. Organizations offering these programs often assist with job placement. Hours spent in pre-apprenticeship training can be credited towards the overall apprenticeship training if the individual decides to sign on as an apprentice.

Additional information is available at:

They directed me to this bu tI need to follow up –
Fanshawe They Welcome anyone to write Entrance tests. from that poin they will recommend next steps
George Brown
Georgian CICE Program: Community Integration Through Co-op: Ideal for OSSC grads who will need more adult support:
Does not accept Workplace pathways.” As mentioned we do not accept workplace credits but we offer a certificate called Academic Upgrading (AU). It is a certificate of completion and is 3 semesters. I have provided the program link below for the program that outlines what qualifies a student as well as how to apply. This program is a free Employment Ontario program funded by the Ontario government. but has a Academic Upgrade “
Lambton CICE Program: Sandy Boldt 519-542-7751 ext. 3383 [email protected]
General Arts/Sciences(GASW): 2 semester program offers, math, science, business enrichment courses. Need OSSD with ENG4E. Also have some tests you could write in certain circumstances: CAAT(Canadian Adult Achievement Test)
Mohawk Several such as Art & Design Foundation, Human Services Foundation. Check out
Niagara Just the CICE program. If you are 19 and do not meet pre-req’s you may be a candidate to upgrade with the ACE program
Northern College Vocationals:
Sault CICE program: Academic upgrading through ACE if you meet criteria
Seneca N/A. Do offer Academic Upgrading
Sheridan N/A no workplace pathways
St.Clair Essential candidates will be counselled to pursue academic upgrading. Do have a CICE program
3 Programs with Essential Credentials: Carpentry Techniques 0141, Culinary SKills 1004, Hair Styling 0503. Also offer ACE and Career and College Prep upgrading
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