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BMLSS 2014- 2015

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From October 14th to October 22ND BMLSS will be hosting 54 Japanese high school students. This will be our second year of hosting this student group in our community.  

The visitors are 14-15 year old girls and boys from Yokohama Soei Junior High School in Japan.  During the week, they will be participating in a program at BMLSS, consisting of ESL classes and a variety of cultural activities.

As well as their school program, a very important component of the students’ experience is their time outside of school. This is where YOU come in


In order to help raise money, we hope our families will welcome a Japanese student into their home from October 14th to October 22nd

For each host from the BMLSS community, our school will receive $50 for hosting.  As well, we are respectfully asking that host families donate all, or a portion of, the allotted $216 compensation for hosting to really raise funds for BMLSS.

This would bring in anywhere from $1750 to $10000 for our students!

BMLSS is very excited to welcome these visitors into our school for the second year of this new October tradition! By hosting ONE student for the duration of the program, your family will be participating in:

  • A major fundraiser for our school and our students
  • An amazing opportunity for students to learn from another culture through a Japanese-Canadian buddy exchange
  • An opportunity to create lifelong friendships

If your family is interested in helping with this innovative fundraising opportunity, please complete the attached Host Family Profile form and submit it on or before Friday, September 26th.  Submit to Homestay@mliesl.com or call us at 1 888 623 6216.    Form click here –   Host Family Profile

Once your paperwork has been submitted, your family will be contacted by a representative from MLI to answer your questions and to arrange a home visit.

We hope your family will participate in this exciting program and support the BMLSS fundraising goals!

Thanks for your support!



BMLSS - Tweets

  • BMLSS Stop by the office and wish Mrs. Costantino our Head Secretary a Happy Birthday!!

  • BMLSS BMLSS takes the win against AHSS in junior girls basketball!

  • BMLSS Book Club this Thursday at 11:30, see Ms. Armstrong for more info! Happy Reading!!!

  • BMLSS This Friday is the College Fair at Georgian in Orillia . The bus leaves Friday at 11:30 am. Students need to sign up in the guidance office

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