Grade 9 Orientation on Thursday, August 29!

The BMLSS Link Crew will host Grade 9 Orientation on Thursday, August 29, 2019 starting at 8:45 and ending 1:30. Incoming grade 9 students are invited to attend this fun and informative day which ends with a free BBQ lunch. Grade 9s will be assigned lockers that day and are welcome to bring a lock to place on their new Laker lockers! We look forward to see you on August 29th!! 

“One More Level: Video Gaming Addiction”


“One More Level: Video Gaming Addiction”                                                                                                                         

Presentation: BMLSS Cafeteria

Presentation – 7 – 8 pm    

Q&A – 8-8:30

Cost – FREE Covered by School Council and BMLSS


Did you know that 85% of school-aged children do not meet the pediatric guidelines for screen time? Students in grades seven to twelve are spending up to seven hours daily on screens, which is more than three times the recommended two hours per day. This is linked to poorer cognitive development, including distraction in classrooms and a decline in performance.

Are parents and teachers in your school concerned about this?

As a mother of a son with Video Gaming Addiction, I utilized my clinical experience as a Social Service Worker and Health Practitioner to create a plan that led to his eventual success in recovery.

I now share our lived experience in my book, Seeing Through the Cracks, and speak at schools and mental health forums, bringing awareness and help for other families.

My Talk is an hour in length and includes our story, the fifteen signs to look for, the most recent research and data, strategies for prevention, and resources for help.


Elaine Uskoski