Clubs and Sports

Most clubs and Sports are on hold until further notice.  To join the virtual GSA click on this link.

Club/Group Advisor/Instructor/Coach
Fencing  Mr. Bagshaw & Mr. Pierce 
Chess  Mr. Bagshaw
Robotics  Mr. Wheatley & Mr. Bagshaw
G7  Mrs. McKenzie
GSA Ms. Butler, Ms. Daines & Ms. Fielding
Reach for the Top  Mr. Pierce
Skiing & Snowboarding  Mr. Rae 
Concert Band  Ms. Edwards
Jr. Jazz Band Ms. Edwards
Sr. Jazz Band Ms. Edwards
Pop Ensemble Ms. Edwards & Ms. Imrie
Musical Theatre Ms. Imrie
Girl’s Choice Ms. Creasor
BML Buzz Ms. Armstrong, Mrs. Magee, Mrs. McKenzie & Ms. Fielding
Co-Ed Volleyball Mr. LeBlanc
Battle of the Books Ms. Armstrong & Ms. Murray & Ms. Fielding
Competitive Mock Trial Team Ms. McCreary & Ms. Murray
Improv Ms. Imrie
Lakers Leadership Council Ms. Imrie & Mr. Deweerdt


Fall Sports Level Coach(es)
Tennis Senior Ms. Creasor
Boy’s Golf Senior Mr. O’Toole & Mr. Kent
Girl’s Golf Varsity Ms. Gardiner
Boy’s Soccer Junior Mr. DeWeerdt & Ms. DiFebo
Boy’s Soccer Senior Mr. Sprathoff
Girls Basketball Junior Mr. Flynn
Girl’s Basketball Senior Mr. Crowe & Ms. Walker
Boys Volleyball Junior Ms. Moore
Boys Volleyball Senior Mr. LeBlanc
Cross-Country Running Varsity Ms. Mulligan
Winter Sports Level Coach(es)
Swimming  Junior & Senior  Ms. Yates
Boy’s Basketball  Junior Ms. Creasor
Boy’s Basketball Senior Mr. Roche
Girl’s Volleyball Midget (Gr. 9) Ms. McCreary & Ms. Goltz
Girl’s Volleyball Junior Mr. LeBlanc
Girl’s Volleyball Senior Ms. Moore
Girl’s Hockey Varsity Mr. Ius & Mr. McGrath
Boy’s Hockey Varsity Mr. Hodson 
Curling Varsity Ms. Gardiner
Spring SportsLevelCoach(es)
BadmintonJunior & SeniorMr. Sprathoff & Mr. Sellon
Girl’s SoccerJuniorMs. DiFebo
Girl’s SoccerSeniorMr. Crowe
LacrosseVarsityMr. Liadis 
Track & FieldVarsityMr. Kent
Boy’s Golf JuniorMr. O’Toole
TennisJuniorMs. Creasor