Clubs and Sports

Most clubs and Sports are on hold until further notice.  To join the virtual GSA click on this link.

Club/Group Advisor/Instructor/Coach
Fencing  Mr. Bagshaw 
Chess  Mr. Bagshaw
Robotics   Mr. Bagshaw
GSA Ms. Daines & Ms. Fielding
Skiing & Snowboarding  Ms. Jeske
Concert Band  Ms. Edwards
Jr. Jazz Band Ms. Edwards
Sr. Jazz Band Ms. Edwards
Pop Ensemble Ms. Edwards 
Musical Theatre Ms. Westby
BML Buzz Ms. Armstrong  & Ms. Fielding
Co-Ed Volleyball Ms. Goltz
Battle of the Books Ms. Armstrong & Ms. Murray & Ms. Fielding
Improv  Ms. Westby
Lakers Leadership Council Ms. Nicholson


Fall Sports Level Coach(es)
Tennis Senior Ms. Creasor
Boy’s Golf Senior  Mr. Kent
Girl’s Golf Varsity Ms. Gardiner
Boy’s Soccer Junior Mr. Sprathoff
Boy’s Soccer Senior Mr. Sprathoff
Girls Basketball Junior Mr. Flynn
Girl’s Basketball Senior Mr. Crowe & Ms. Walker
Boys Volleyball Junior Ms. Goltz
Boys Volleyball Senior Mr. LeBlanc
Cross-Country Running Varsity Ms. Mulligan
Winter Sports Level Coach(es)
Swimming  Junior & Senior  Ms. Yates
Boy’s Basketball  Junior Mr. Flynn
Boy’s Basketball Senior Ms. Baker
Girl’s Volleyball Midget (Gr. 9)  Ms. Goltz
Girl’s Volleyball Junior Mr. LeBlanc
Girl’s Volleyball Senior  
Girl’s Hockey Varsity  Mr. McGrath
Boy’s Hockey Varsity  Mr. McGrath
Curling Varsity Ms. Gardiner
Spring SportsLevelCoach(es)
BadmintonJunior & SeniorMr. Sprathoff
Girl’s SoccerJuniorMs. Turchette
Girl’s SoccerSeniorMr. Crowe
Track & FieldVarsityMr. Kent
Boy’s Golf JuniorMr. Kent
TennisJuniorMs. Creasor